We’re more excited to share this blog topic with you than any other because it can make your surroundings and everyday life more beautiful .  On top of that it’s so simple it’s absolutely genius! We’ve all seen those HGTV shows with the overly dramatic, emotional reveal at the end. What’s one of the most tear-jerking portions of the reveal?  How are these famous designers, who have little to no relationship with the homeowner, able to specifically personalize an entire brand new home of a complete stranger? They frame memorable, personal items that the homeowner already had in their possession.   

The brand new furniture, top-of-the-line appliances and beautiful decor accessories are great but they make the story-ending emotional & meaningful by discussing all the family photos & momentos they have framed and hung throughout the stunning brand new home!  It gives new walls the ability to tell an old family story.


The best treasures,  that will bring the most style & personality to your home is not expensive designer decor.  It’s all the STUFF that is already laying around your house. Yes, that stuff! The stuff you’ve moved from one pile to the next.  The stuff you’ve held onto for years because you knew emotionally it would be physically impossible to part with it. There’s a ton of inspiring, beautiful home decor just waiting to be discovered within your current home.


So stop surfing the internet, save time & money and go shopping in your own home.


Here are a few items that you most likely possess and treasure but can show off while giving you home it’s own personality by framing it and hanging it on your walls


  • VIntage photography of older relatives that are no longer with us
  • Children’s art work
  • Keepsakes from vacations, great events or any other wonderful family memories
  • Jewelry, accessories, tools and other momentos that you no longer use but want to keep
  • Pieces of glass or windows
  • Old maps especially ones of an area that means something to your family
  • Flags
  • Birth certificates and birth announcements
  • Invitations to special events
  • Any level of artwork (old, new, inexpensive, 


We understand, It still can be overwhelming.  You may not have the good-looking famous interior designer helping you.  No worries, are in-house staff has been framing all different types of treasures for over 35 years!  Bring your “stuff” in (or have your designer bring it in), we’ll work with you and your budget to pick up the perfect frame to display all your treasures so you can also enjoy an emotional reveal of all your personal, life momentos.